A little about me


I began playing the violin when I was 1o and auditioned for the middle school orchestra. I have since extended a formal apology and my sincerest gratitude to my family for enduring those first few years of ear bleeding torment. With steady practice, though, I auditioned and placed in a competitive symphony in high school. We traveled regionally for competitions against other high schools and even played aboard a cruise ship to the Bahamas. I continued to play into college with the UTC Symphony. I now play for myself until I can rejoin the Atlanta Symphony post-covid. 


I just went to the shelter to look at the puppies…that’s how it always goes, isn’t it? She was 2months old when I got her in January 2019. I named her Duna, which is Celtic for ‘little dark one’, fitting both for her looks and her attitude. I lucked out in the dog department – she’s a sweet girl who’s always just happy to be along for the ride. She’s equally as happy laying around with me as she is on our backpacking trips. She loves hiking, swimming, and playing with her friends at the dog park. I’m currently training her to run my next half marathon with me.


I just ran my first half marathon in September 2021 – The Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon. If you ever have a chance to run a race from Vacation Races, definitely take it. Each year they put on races (5k – 100mi) in National Parks. They’re beautiful. Once I ran this race, I immediately decided I had to do all of their races. I’m now currently training for my first ultra marathon. 



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