About Me

My name is Abbey Doyle. I’m a chemical engineer currently working for the Emergency Response Branch of the CDC. 

After growing up in Kingsport, TN I left to get my undergraduate degree in Chattanooga, TN. There I studied chemical engineering and biology while in the Brock Scholars Program. I completed an undergraduate thesis while researching the pathogenicity of Vibrio cholerae and completed internships and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Chattem Sanofi. After graduating I began my career as a research chemist at the CDC through Battelle and have worked in the Lung Injury and COVID-19 responses. In my free time I like to backpack, read, run, play the violin or piano, and take my dog to parks.

Throughout my education and career I learned languages like Python, MATLAB, VBA, Java, C++, and CAD software. I became fascinated with all of the minor differences in softwares that make or break a code and love the challenges that arise when writing a method start to finish.

About me

Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Battelle Performance Review


“She was an invaluable asset to the lab during the lung injury response earlier this year and it’s worth noting, she nearly handled the response singlehandedly for the IRL (Incidents Response Lab). She has been a source of continuity in the lab this year as many staff have transitioned out of the lab. She has worked diligently in the IRL, taken on more tasks and helped maintain continuity during staff transitions. She communicates well and is responsive to both Battelle and CDC requirements.” 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention



Chattem Internship Assessment


“She created multiple well put together cleaning validation trainings to be added into Sanofi’s annual required trainings. She successfully implemented several manufacturing and cleaning procedures throughout both our research and manufacturing plants. When going through finals, she was still able to be on time and maintain the same amount of hours.”


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Undergraduate Thesis Defense


“She exceeded expectations in the following categories: knowledge of thesis-related subject matter, writing skills, verbal communication, and critical thinking. She far exceeded my expectations, and I think she’s going to be very successful in the future.”

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga